Board terms ending 2018

     Paul Bonifas, Treasurer

     Mark Hamilton

     Teresa Lammers, President

Board terms ending 2019

     Teresa Irwin

     Mike Lenhart

     Paul Recker

     Norman Schnipke

Board terms ending 2020

     Dr. Mark Basinger

     Keith Kahle

     Kevin Lammon

     Rev. Chuck Schmunk

     Brian Troyer

     Dena Troyer

Officers & Staff effective January, 2018

     Teresa Lammers, President

     Mark Hamilton, Secretary

     Paul Bonifas, Treasurer

     Mark Recker, Immediate Past President

     Matt RauExecutive Director (effective April 4, 2016)

     Karen Meyer, Office Manager

Many thanks to Paul Recker for years of faithful service.  Paul was the construction manager for 8 of our 10 homes!