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2020 and into 2021

What's that old saying? "Hindsight is 2020".  I'm not sure how we can change those words around to make some kind of meaning for the year 2020?  But........ I will be glad to see 2020 go away.

This year has been one like no other in my life.  Putnam County Habitat for Humanity has juggled an ever-changing schedule this year, because of Covid-19.  As an organization that relies heavily on volunteers, we had to juggle projects and schedules to maintain safety and health for our great volunteers.  Also, we had to consider a changing donation climate due to financial burdens upon our donors.  

Also, building material prices SKYROCKETED !!!  Some lumber materials jumped over 250% in price.  As an organization that partners with qualified low to moderate income families to build homes, the prices of building materials definitely affected the affordability of a new home mortgage for our upcoming partner family/families.  We are sure that 2021 will be better for everyone.


Also, stay tuned for some exciting NEWS from Putnam County Habitat for Humanity.  Just know that the Board, Staff, Committee Members and Volunteers are constantly looking at ways to make our affiliate better and more impactful.  So......stay tuned!   


Matt Rau/Executive Director

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