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Board & Staff

Board terms ending December 31, 2024

  • Norm Schnipke—3rd Term (Ottawa)

Board terms ending December 31, 2026

  • Mike Erchenbrecher—1st Term (Ottawa)
  • Teresa Lammers, Secretary—1st Term (Miller City)
  • Amy Goedde—1st Term (Leipsic)
  • LaShae Burwell, President—1st Term (Ottawa)
  • Dale Bruskotter—1st Term (Ottawa)
  • Kathy Schroeder—1st Term (Ottawa)
  • Todd Hoehn—1st term (Fort Jennings)

Board terms ending December 31, 2025

  • Mike Lenhart—2nd Term (Ottawa)
  • Dan VonderEmbse—2nd Term (Ottawa)
  • Nancy Kline—2nd Term (Pandora)

Officers & Staff

  • Anne Coburn-Griffis, Executive Director
  • Karen Meyer, Office Manager
  • Craig Beckett, CHR/Construction Manager
  • Kim Schroeder, Treasurer
Putnam County Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors members can serve a maximum of three (3), 3-year terms consecutively. Board members are permitted to reapply for board membership after a 1-year hiatus.