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Happy 10 Year Anniversary

Happy 10th Anniversary to our affiliate!
Did you know that Putnam County Habitat for Humanity was chartered March 1, 2009? The affiliate grew out of an idea and desire from local Ottawa residents, as they were helping others clean up and rebuild after the devastating flood in 2007. Judge Randy Basinger and several other volunteers from the Ottawa Presbyterian Church were working one hot steamy day when Judge Randy said, “Let’s start a Habitat for Humanity affiliate in Putnam County’.
Eighteen months later the affiliate was chartered and hasn’t looked back since. Ten new home builds, one Rehab/Renovation project, as well as seventeen Critical Home Repair projects later, we couldn’t be prouder of what we have accomplished, who we are, and what we are planning to do, moving forward. In addition to those twenty-eight Putnam County projects, our affiliate has tithed enough money to habitat International to build twelve homes in other less developed countries. That’s a staggering forty projects funded by our Putnam County Habitat for Humanity family of donors and supporters.
Let’s take a moment to consider what forty projects means. That means forty families are now living in healthier, safer, and more efficient homes. Forty families have less burden and unhealthy stress in their lives. Forty families are able to make decisions with their finances that allow them to better their lives and provide themselves with new opportunities. Bravo! I think all of our donors, volunteers, suppliers and contactors need to take a bow and consider how much you have done to better the lives of forty families.
Let’s consider the impact of those forty projects on the local economies. With the ten new home builds and one Rehab/ Renovation, our affiliate was able to pump $868,874.00 back into our local Putnam County economy through purchasing construction materials, hiring contractors, and etc. Yes, $868, 874.00! We are very fortunate in Putnam County to have local/family owned lumberyards, suppliers, and contractors. We utilize the county resources!
Now let’s consider the seventeen Critical Home Repair projects. Those projects have pumped $130,535.48 back into our local economy. Again, we utilize our county resources to make these projects happen. So, by adding the new home builds and repair projects together, our affiliate has pumped $999,409.48 into our local economy. That is almost $1,000,000 ! As soon as we begin another project we will surpass $1,000,000 worth of projects in Putnam County, alone!
However, we haven’t discussed those twelve projects worldwide that we have contributed to. Those twelve projects have a value $54,664.00. That is $54,664.00 pumped into the local economies in those countries. That means that Putnam County Habitat for Humanity has contributed $1,054,073.48 to local economies for the building and repairing of forty homes. Step back and think about that. You……. our donors, volunteers, suppliers and contractors have allowed our affiliate to make a million-dollar investment into local economies, communities and the lives of forty families.
We promise you, however, our affiliate is not going to take any of that for granted. We are continually looking at ways to grow, develop and advance into the future. Thank you for taking some time to read this message. Please share the information. Please know how much we appreciate you!

Matt Rau/Executive Director

James Family Home Dedication

The James Family Home Dedication is on Sunday May 19, 2019 at 1:00pm. The address is 203 North 8th Street in Continental. Please feel free to come out and enjoy the celebration!

Welcome to our new website

We are excited to be unveiling our new website. This has been an ongoing process for a few months with our website building partner Firespring. Firespring specializes in working with non-profit organizations in making a great website that is user friendly for the administrators, as well as the users. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Our intention is to use this Blog as a way to keep our followers/users up to date on what the affiliate is doing. Please check back often. As it is planned, we will be having Blogs from our affiliate Executive Director, as well as our Board President.

Matt Rau/Executive Director

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