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Critical Home Repair

This program is designed to assist Putnam County homeowners in making "critical and necessary" repairs to their homes. Some of our completed projects include roof repairs, roof replacements, window replacements, furnace installations and repairs, and major plumbing repairs. 

If you are an income qualifying homeowner that needs repairs to keep your home clean, healthy, accessible and safe, but haven't been able to afford them, we may be able to help. Call the office to get more information or to apply.

The Critical Home Repair Program works in partnership with income qualifying homeowners in need of essential home repairs and improvements to create a safe, healthy, affordable and decent place to live.

Only repairs addressing health, safety, accessibility issues, or preservation of structural integrity will be considered. Please understand that this is NOT an emergency repair program; the approval process and preliminary meetings may take several months.

Statistics from our the first 4 Years of our Critical Home Repair program

· 83% of our applications are Single applicants

· 69% of our applications are Single Female applicants

· 60% of our applicants are 62 years old or older

· 47% of our applicants are Single Female and 62 years old or older

· 30% of our applicants are Widows

· 36% of our applicants are living on SSI or SSDI income, solely.

Projects for Veterans

· 4 projects have been completed for veteran's widows

· 4 projects have been completed for veterans